AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online

This information is useful for the continued students of Allama Iqbal Open University (ICT) who have completed their degree/programs all semester and have applied for the degree/certificate. Today we are sharing the important information on this heading AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online by roll number.

AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online

With the use of this portal and AIOU Help Desk, the students may get assistance about how to track their degree through the AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online portal at DTS. AIOU. Edu. Pk. The students may also check the grading scheme/ marks detail

of CGPA as printed on this degree/certificate. The university has 2 weeks standard delivery time to deliver your degree at the home address of the students.

AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online by Roll Number

The Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System by roll number is an innovative and user-friendly platform designed to streamline the process of monitoring and tracing academic progress for students. As part of AIOU’s commitment to providing efficient services, the Degree Tracking System facilitates easy access to essential information related to academic achievements.

By utilizing this AIOU certificate/degree section/system, the students can conveniently track their degrees by roll number at the official address of Dts Aiou Edu Pk, ensuring a seamless experience throughout their educational journey.

Accessible through the official website at, the DTS empowers students with real-time updates on their degree status, allowing them to stay informed about the latest developments in their academic pursuits.

The user-friendly interface ensures that students can effortlessly navigate the platform to retrieve crucial information about their degrees. This technological advancement aligns with AIOU’s mission to embrace digital solutions for enhancing the overall educational experience.

How to get AIOU DTS Degree Tracking Delivery Time

Whether it’s checking the status of degree issuance or monitoring academic milestones, the AIOU Degree Tracking by Roll Number stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, AIOU continues to prioritize the convenience and satisfaction of its students, offering a transparent and accessible system for degree tracking.

Click on the following platforms any student may not only check the AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System but also check the status of incomplete/returned applications, in-process applications, and online status of Aiou degree information against the submitted request/receipt. Remember the AIOU degree delivery time takes a minimum of two weeks to compile and submit at the postal address of the applicants/students.

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