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Federal Board (FBR) Islamabad authority has arranged an inauguration ceremony on account of starting the FBR balloting result. distribution of Prizes for keen shoppers across Pakistan. All shoppers will be enlisted and counted in the FBR Prize Scheme Qurandaazi Shopping list From Registered Retailers of (Point of Sale). FBR Lucky Draw 2023 List Result Winners List online check is available at its official website. how to get the winning prize and claim the winning amount.

FBR Lucky Draw Result Winners List 15th January 2022 Saturday

This is an autonomous authority that is a federal law enforcement agency. This is an online platform where you will be given updates about FBR POS Quradaazi winners list PDF download. We are giving access to its official website to check the FBR Lucky Draw 2023 List Result Winners List 2023 Tuesday has been announced on this date by the Federal Board of Revenue (Islamabad).

FBR Lucky Draw 2023 List Winners List Check Online Website Official

تمام  پاکستانیوں کے لئے بڑی  خشخبری ابھی ( ایف  بی  آر )  سے رجسٹرڈ  شدہ براںڈز  سے شاپنگ کریں  اپنی رسید کی تصدیق کریں اور  قرآندازی میں شامل ہو جائیں۔  (ٓ ایف  بی  آر ) قرآندازی ہر ماہ کی 15  تاریخ  کو کرے گی۔  ماہ کی آخری تاریخ  تک تصدیق  کی گئی  رسیدیں بھی قراندازی  میں شامل  ہونگی۔ ایف بی آر سے رجسٹرڈ شدہ رٹیلڑز کی لسٹ  یہاں سے  حاصل کریں اور شاپنگ  کر کے ابھی قراندازی  میں شامل ہو جایئں۔

FBR announced Prize Scheme Qurandaazi Shopping From Registered Retailers

Here by check FBR Lucky Draw 2023 List and Result of Winners candidates 2023 check online balloting. FBR Winner prize list, how to get a winning prize and a claim for the scheme. FBR offered monthly rewards to taxpayers through a prize draw system on purchases from any retailer or tier 1 store (etc.) integrated with the FBR Point of Sales (POS) system. All customers need to check the invoice issued by FBR Registered retailers.

FBR Prize List
Sr # FBR Winning Prize List FBR Winning Amount FBR Prize Number
1 FBR First Prize amount is Rs. 10,00000/- 1 No Prize
2 FBR Second Prize amount is Rs. 500, 000/- 2 NOs Prizes
3 Third Prize Amount Rs. 250, 000/- 4 NOs Prizes
4 FBR Fourth Prize Amount Rs. 50 Thousand 1000 NOs Prizes

How to Claim for FBR Lucky Draw 2023 List Result Winners

I will tell you so easy procedure to claim for FBR Lucky Draw Result Winners 2023.

You will be sent (an SMS) by this authority.

Read the instruction typed in the text Message.

The FBR Winner will also be informed by telephone call received from “The Federal Board of Revenue”.

If required by the authority you will give the correct (IBAN #) or (Bank Account Number Detail) to receive the winning amount.

When a person wins the prize 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th prize by the balloting FBR POS Draw result.

FBR Affiliated Shops/Market
Sr No FBR Shop Name Registered
1 Shoe sale shops
2 Metro Pakistan
3 Gourmet Foods
4 Superstores
5 Hotels
6 Pizza shop
7 Car sale outlets
8 Sweet shops
9 Bakery shop
10 All types of famous foods point


FBR Lucky Draw Result Winners List 15th January 2022 Saturday

At the beginning of each month has been understanding by the FBR Islamabad Authorities (Islamabad), the system allows the authorized user to make a prize draw for all verified invoices for the previous month. Each registered user will have the option to win the prize only once per month. Online check FBR Qurandazi Result 2023 List, detail of registered shops, and how to get prizes/money.

اپنے  موبائل  سے  آسان  ٹیکس  ایپلییشن  انسٹال  کریں اور  ایف بی ار  ( پی  او ایس ) کے مینئو میں  جا  کر انوائس  کی تصدیق  کریں۔  آپ ایس ایم ایس کوڈ سروس کے ذریعے بھی  اپنی رسید کی  تصدیق کر وا کر  (ایف بی آر) ماہانہ قراندازی  میں شامل ہو سکتے ہیں۔  اپنی رسید  9966  پر سینڈ کریں

The system distributes prizes to the bank accounts of selected users via the PRAL payment gateway. FBR Lucky Draw 2023 List Winners is a full list of winners online check.

FBR Lucky Draw Result Winners List

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