About Us

Daily Ilm is a website where you can find the latest news, tech updates, jobs, business, and other news. With so much news and technologies coming out on a daily basis it can be difficult to stay updated on the latest happenings across all different types of industry.

DailyIlm Aim:

DailyIlm is a society, it is now up to the youth to shape our future. We need to work together and fight for a brighter tomorrow, refusing to let ourselves be divided.

DailyIlm is a brand-new media platform where you and I are both front and center, sharing our stories to identify and bring hope.

We are not against any political party or organization- the only focus is on what’s best for the people. So at DailyIlm, our aim is to bring you true journalism, so you can have your say too.

DailyIlm is a place for Pakistanis where you can find the latest news and engage in discussions with people of similar morals, values, and beliefs about justice, peace & more. Join the discussion today! No matter how big or small your issues are, DailyIlm is here to help you reach your message across the globe.

Our Mission:

Our mission and vision are to provide a reliable and solid platform for the ordinary poor people in Pakistan in which their voices can be heard more than ever before.

The purpose is the mission of DailyIlm lies in factual and real incidents, events and stories that are largely forgotten, and facts that have not been reported, and heard about before.

Everyone is given the chance to benefit equally across the nation. No matter which region of the country you are to or what kind that you’re, only factor that matters is the topic you’ve raised.

The world needs to hear and be aware of the facts and numbers, no more ignorance and flimsiness.

Unity We Stand, and Divided We Fall – when we make a commitment and are determined to achieve our goals and with the faith of Almighty Allah within our hearts there is no limit to what we can do The solution lies in at the root of the issue, that’s the belief we’ve been adhering to.