Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Salary Increase

The decision is under discussion about Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Salary Increase and pension by 25%. With the financial year 2024-25 upcoming, the federal government is carefully discussing the Punjab budget 2024 presentation presented on June 7 in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

budget 2024-25 Pakistan Salary Increase

It is a critical consideration to achieve the target of economic development from the current 3.5 to 4%. The total project expenses at Rs. 24,710 billion were announced in Budget 2024-25 Pakistan, while the developmental budget for the upcoming economic year is assigned at Rs. 2590 billion.

Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Salary Increase Government Employees

As per government notification, the federal government has announced Budget 2024-25 date 07-06-2024 in which it is expected to increase the salary and pension by 25%. Read the below detail for the latest information about the Expected salary increase in Budget 2024 25 Pakistan Sindh, Punjab, Kpk, Ajk, and Balochistan.

Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Salary Increase

Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Summary by IMF

The probable budget of Punjab province also accounts for an important portion, Rs. 9,787 billion, selected towards interest and loans. Furthermore, a session with the International Monetary Fund highlighted the government’s obligation to ensure economic carefulness and international relationships in the budget formulation process.

The expectation immediate the Punjab 2024 Budget is palpable, reflecting a combined effort towards charting a flexible economic path for the future success of Pakistan. Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Expressing the commitment, Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has put stress on this agenda Pakistan’s course toward sustainable economic growth.

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