PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program lauched by Govt of Pakistan 8171 SMS Code for RS. 25000

Chief Minister of Punjab Pakistan has determined and made the decision to commence Chief Minister Ehsaas program Imran Khan to cope with and to aid the unfortunate/deprived and the people who remain un-employment due to Corona Virus in Punjab. So to see this critical situation people are dying very high-speed day by day due to the outbreak Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is launching the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program for the poor and needy people. Govt announced Rs. 25000/- to everyone who sends CNIC at 8171 Ehsaas Program.

PM Ehsaas Emergency Programme

For PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Imran Khan The government has announced 144 Arab PKR Rupees to provide 12,000 PKR rupees to 1 Crore & 20 Lakhs houses who are affected and could not earn a livelihood.

PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program 8171

Ehsaas Cash Program Poor, laborers and Coronavirus affected families/people may be known their eligibility to get Coronavirus Emergency Cash by sending an SMS to 8171. In this way, people will be delivered verification SMS back about their eligibility to get benefits from Corona Virus PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Imran Khan Emergency Cash.

In this perspective of this, some other private foundations and other rich persons in Pakistan are facilitating the poor people, especially the families of Coronavirus affected patients.

Ehsaas Cash Program PMTo view the recent situation owing to the eruption/epidemic Corona Virus all markets, shops and have been closed to fight/break the chain of scattering Coronavirus from one person to another due to a mass gatherings at Shopping Mall, Bazar Schools, and other crowded places. Poor people can’t earn a livelihood for themselves and their family members.

Eligibility of Peoples For Caronavirus PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

So the govt of Pakistan, Punjab has made the decision to assist, support, and facilitate the Coronavirus affected people of Pakistan & also to supply/afford enough food, livelihood, or money to the poor people of Punjab through the Ehsas Emergency Programme.

Owing to these circumstances Ehsas Emergency program has been established by the government of Punjab, Pakistan.  To meet the official website of PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program follow the link which has been explained here.

Ehsaas Cash Program 2024Peoples will be informed via SMS alert at their cell phone who has been enlisted/enrolled in the PM Ehsaas Emergency Program by the CM of Punjab. And the people who couldn’t enlist themselves will be provided Coronavirus emergency cash by corroboration/verification by the concerned District Administration of Pakistan.

Coronavirus PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program will be provided to the poor and laborers by the Bank’s ATM Services after Biometric verification.

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PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

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