How to apply for Fesco New Connection Application Status/Tracking

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has also made it easy to visit the online portal for the purpose of How to apply for Fesco New Connection Application Status check and also Track your Fesco New meter registration form. Simply follow these steps/directions below to start the process and finalize for getting a new Fesco Electricity Connection online at

How to apply for Fesco New Connection Application Status/Tracking

First, open this link in a new browser to click on e-service and meet with the new page here click on online electricity new meter ENC Application

here. First of all, make sure have some important papers, and documentation ready, such as a copy of your neighbor’s Fesco Electricity Bill, a paper with the information about the rent of your place, copies of your Identity card, and also attach the Identity Card of the witness. After providing all information the process of Fesco New Connection will be started soon.

How to apply for Fesco New Connection Application Form

Go to the FESCO website and click on “Apply.”

Visit the FESCO website and look for the “Apply” button.

Fill in your neighbor’s electricity bill number. The website will automatically fill in some details for you.

Type in the number from your neighbor’s electricity bill. The website will then fill in some information for you automatically for Fesco New Connection. 

Choose how much electricity you think you will use. If it’s for a home, you will probably pick the first option.

Decide how much electricity you will need. If it’s just for your house, you will likely choose the first option.

Fill in your details like your name, the name of your dad or husband, your ID card number, and your phone number.

Write down your name, your dad’s or husband’s name, your ID card number, and your phone number.

After that, add contact details and confirm your address.

Give them your contact details like your address and phone number, and make sure they are correct.

Tell them what kind of appliances you have at home and how many.

Say what things you have in your house, like a fridge or a TV, and how many of each.

Upload all the papers they need.

Scan and upload all the papers they asked for earlier.

Check everything before submitting the Application form Fesco New Connection, agree to their terms, and click “Submit.”

Look over everything you have filled in, agree to their rules, and then hit the “Submit” button.

Requirements/Criteria for Fesco New Connection

This means you should have some documents ready before you start the online procedure at this portal What documents you need to have are papers of your neighbor’s electricity bill, a document proving you own or rent your place, and copies of your ID card and someone else’s ID card to confirm things. Also, visit the same portal for the purpose of FESCO New Connection tracking the status of the form. 

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