Free Atta Scheme Online Check 8070 SMS Code

The government of Pakistan has started to distribute the Muft Atta Scheme 2024 for the poor and needy people. On the arrival of Ramadan Mubarak 2024, the government has also included the Free Atta Scheme Online Check the registration by simply sending the CNIC Card number at free atta scheme code 8070. You may also check the Ehsas Rashan program which is working the same as to provide free Rashan to all the eligible citizens of Pakistan.

Free Atta Scheme Online Check 8070 SMS Code

The Ehsaas Ramzan Free Atta Scheme 2024 is an important relief proposal to target those who are needy during the holy month of Ramadan 2024. The government has aimed to recognize the challenges faced by rising flour prices, the government of Punjab’s caretaker has told the media to note the 8070 Free Atta Scheme Online Check by code.

How to apply for Free Atta Scheme Online Check 2024

All the poor and needy families can now apply online to receive three 10 KG bags of free flour scheme, this will reduce their burden during this holy time of Ramadan and after.

Simply grab your CNIC Card and a mobile phone.

Create an SMS type 14-digit identity code and send it at 8070 Muft Atta Code.

After surveying and checking the eligibility for this scheme, the caretaker/representative and focal person will send you Yes or No.

After receiving yes message you can visit the nearby shop to get the Free Atta Scheme 2024.

Free Atta Scheme Online Check 8070 SMS Code

Procedure for 8070 Free Atta Scheme Online Apply

For the facilitation of the Free Atta Scheme Online Check 8070 the Prime Minister of Pakistan has said very easy way, with the collaboration of provincial authorities, has initiated online registration for the Ehsaas Ramzan program. Eligible individuals can register by sending their CNIC to 8070 and subsequently verifying their eligibility. The Free Flour Scheme 2024 distribution of flour bags will start from the 25th of Shaban and continue until the 25th of Ramadan.

Free Atta Scheme Online Check Eligibility Criteria

For this 8070 Free Atta Online Registration and to confirm their eligibility or register for the program, an online portal has been set up. By visiting the website “,” individuals can check their status and Free atta scheme online check Pakistan processing status with the registration center in your area. Moreover, those who have not registered through BISP or PSPA can send their CNIC number to 8070 to enroll in the program.

You can also get atta, ghee, sugar, and other food items from Utility Stores across Pakistan. Here pay less price and get easy foot items for your family members.  

PSPA Free Flour Online Registration

To be eligible for the Punjab Free Atta Scheme 2024, individuals must meet certain criteria, including having a monthly income of less than 60,000 rupees and being registered beneficiaries of BISP or PSPA. It’s important to note that sending the CNIC number from a SIM registered to the applicant’s own CNIC is necessary for the application.

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