Jazz Call Packages 2024 Codes for activation

As with the passage of time SMS, Internet & Jazz Call Packages 2024 are being used by people. Mobile phones have been spread across the world even though there is nobody who doesn’t have a mobile. Some have cheap and some have costly mobiles but they have. So as mobile phones are being increased, call packages, Internet, and also SMS are being used too much by the fans and users of Jazz Service.

Jazz Call Packages 2022 (Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly)

So see here Jazz monthly call package, weekly, daily, and hourly are available here with an activation code. Jazz weekly call pkg 2024 is also best for you if you don’t want to waste your package for the whole month.

How can I buy Jazz Network minutes? learn from this page. Some of you use the Jazz Cash account by dialing *786# and get a free SMS and Call Minutes daily basis. Learn more at Jazz Website jazz.com.pk. Jazz Ceo is Amir Ibrahim from 2016. No 2300 Jazz Employees are working in Pakistan. Jazz Headquarters at Islamabad.

How to activate Jazz daily call package 2024 learn here. Let us have some view, and eyes on the following content about Call Package Jazz offered by the company easily enjoy Jazz Call offers complete details and prescriptions on this page.

Jazz Call Packages 2024 Activate & De-activate Codes

Here you can get updates and know the Jazz Call Packages 1 hour, daily, weekly, and monthly. Mobilink Telecom Company gives its users the option to choose and make their own packages according to their will and requirements. There is only a telecom company that meets the user’s requirements and necessities.

Also, try the Jazz call packages 2 hours code is *3000# for activation, and dial *320*4# for de-activation then dial *320*2# to check the Jazz 2 Hours Call Package status code online. The other package name is Jazz to Jazz Call Package 2 hours code same as above.

You check the Jazz monthly call package 2024 to enjoy Jazz call service for the entire month. Jazz Call Packages 24 Hours code, daily and hourly offers are offered by Jazz Telecom company.

Jazz Call Packages Super Card Bundles 2024

It has come to the knowledge that it serves are a wide range of Jazz call packages 2024 like Jazz super card packages between 200 to 1000 Pakistani rupees. Buy Jazz super card 600 check code for a week or whole month also here know Jazz super card check pkg 2024.

By subscribing to Jazz Super card family bundles you can get relief and calmness for the whole month. Use Jazz super card bundles freely and easily for the whole month without any obstruction. Know also Jazz Super Card Price and specification.

  • Check online Jazz Call packages code 2024.
  • Jazz Call Packages 3 days list download.
  • Jazz Call Package One Day code is *340#.
  • Jazz Call package hourly online check.
  • Jazz + Warid call packages 2024 Check online here.
  • Jazz call packages weekly code 2024 subscribe now.
  • Download list Jazz 2-hour call packages 2024
  • Jazz monthly call package *707# code for activation of the bundles.
  • Jazz Off-net call packages offer

It gives 5 dissimilar Jazz super card family packages, 2 are weekly out of five, and 3 are for the whole month. According to your needs, you can elect active Jazz Call Packages weekly Code or monthly super card packages. Below are the complete details of the 5 super care Jazz call package monthly code and the Jazz 600 super card.

Monthly Weekly Jazz Super Card Family Bundles
Super Card NameSpecifications/DetailsValidationCost in PKR. Incl.TaxHow to Activate
Weekly Super Duper BundleJazz & Warid= 1500 mints
Other Network= 50 mints
Internet: 3000MBs
SMS: 1500 SMS
07 DaysRs.199 (Rechargeable Rs.224)Dial *770#
Monthly Super Duper BundleJazz+Warid Minutes=3000
Off-net: 100 Minutes 3GB
Internet 3 GB
SMS= 3000
30 Days (4 weeks)Rs. 530 (Recharge Rs.600)Dial: *706#
Super Duper Monthly CardOn-Net Minutes=2000
Off-Net Minutes=150
Internet=2 GB
30 Days (4 weeks)Rs.600Dial *601#
Super-Duper Plus CardOn-Net Minutes=4000
Off-Net Minutes=200
30 Days (4 weeks)Rs.889 (Required Balance Rs.1000)Dial *707#
Un-Subscription: *707*4#

Jazz Daily Call Package Code

Get all details about the Jazz daily call package 2024 complete list to enjoy the service of One Day Jazz Call Package detail about subscribe, un-subscribe and specs.

Mobilink Jazz Call Package in 30 rupees Pakistani. Check your remaining packages of Jazz call pkg daily code for activation/subscription.

See Jazz call package daily code/Jazz daily call package code along with prescription/ specification and time limit. Customers can activate and use appropriate daily call packages. Enjoy Jazz Call Packages Monthly 2024 offers for its users.
Jazz Network (Daily Call Packages For Prepaid)
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Super Plus Offer On-Net Minutes=500
Off-Net Minutes=05
Internet= 500 MB
Rs. 28 PKR1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial *558#
Super F & F PackageFree On-Net Minutes= 1 Lac
SMS= 1 Lac
Rs. 10 PKR1 Day (24 Hrs)*141*F&F_Number#
Super Daily Call OfferFree On-Net Minutes=300
Internet Status: 150 MB *212*2#
Info: *212*3#
Rs. 17 PKR1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial *212#
Har Din PackageFree On-Net Minutes=500

Internet= 50MB

Rs. 21.51 PKR1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial *114*4# Status: *114*4*2# Un-Subscription: *114*4*4#
SIM Lagao OfferJazz/Warid Minutes =

3000 (50 Minutes/day) Not valid between 6 PM – 10 PM

1500MBs (Not valid between 9 PM to 1 AM) and

3000 SMS

Nil24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days) (02 Months)Dial *551#
Jazz Weekly Call Package 2024

See complete details about the weekly Jazz Call Package Code found in the below table format as shown for you only. Read Jazz call packages’ weekly code and expiry date of your packages.

The company has announced Mobilink weekly Call Package for 2024 to talk with others for the whole week. It has been also offered by the Company Jazz weekly super duper offers 2024

Jazz weekly call package is displayed in the table with the necessary details and prescription, time limit, and how to activate the Weekly Call Package. Use Jazz Call Packages bundles 2024.

Read the first row in the below table information for Jazz Call Package Weekly 85 Rupees in Pakistan for 7 days.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages For Prepaid Sim
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxRECHARGE REQUIREDValidation/ Time DurationSpecifications/DetailsHow to Activiate Bundles/Know status/Un-Subscription
Jazz Weekly Offer (This Offer is Valid for only Sargodha)Rs. 88.9 Rs. 1007 DaysFree On-Net Minutes= 2000
Internet= 2 GB
Dial *627#
Status: *627*2#
Haftawar All-Rounder OfferRs. 100 Rs. 1137 DaysFree On-Net Minutes= 1000
Off-Net Minutes=50
SMS= 1000
Internet= 250 MB
Dial *747#
Status: *747*2#
Weekly Hybrid Offer PakgRs.115 Rs. 1307 DaysFree On-Net Minutes= 1000
Off-Net Minutes= 20
SMS= 1000
Internet= 500 MB
Dial *407#
Un-Subscription: *407*4#
Status: *407*2#
Info: *407*3#
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer (This Offer is only Valid for Chiniot District)Rs. 115 Rs. 1307 DaysFree On-Net Minutes= 1500
Off-Net Minutes=50
SMS= 1500
Internet= 1.5 Gb
Dial *664#
Status: *664*2#
Weekly for All Network OfferRs. 155 Rs. 1757 DaysFree On-Net Minutes= 1000
Off-Net Minutes= 50
Internet= 1000 MB
SMS= 1000
Dial *700#
Status : *700*2#
Un-Subscription: *700*4#
Super Duper Offer WeeklyRs. 199 Rs. 2247 DaysFree On-Net Minutes= 1500
Off-Net Minutes=50
SMS= 1500
Internet= 3000 MB
Dial *770#
Status: *770*2#
Bundle information = *770*3#
Weekly Super Plus OfferRs. 222 Rs. 2507 DaysFree On-Net Minutes = 5000
Off-Net Minutes= 50
SMS= 5000
Internet= 10 GB
Dial *505#
Status: *505*2#


Jazz Monthly Call Packages 2024

Jazz call packages 2024 is for long run time. See the below-mentioned prescription to activate Jazz monthly calling package 2024 to remain in touch for the whole month on Jazz Calling Service. So let us meet at the following table fo monthly call package jazz.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 minutes all in one package launched for easy work and communication on calls a full month. Jazz monthly super duper plus offers 2024 check on www.dailyilm.com on this page.

Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 rupees with specifications and important features are displayed in the table for Jazz Consumers. Share the list of Monthly Jazz call packages 2024 with others to easily activate Jazz monthly call packages 2024 immediately while staying at home.

The Mobilink company limited is also offering jazz monthly call package code 70 rupees balance or load for poor and needy people. So check the more detail in the given table or Jazz website.

Listen to another good news for its consumers that now Jazz Call Packages Monthly code *614# activation codes for the “Mahana Bachat Offer Detail” online package summary.

If you are finding the monthly jazz call package code for the detail of package name, cost of activation, specifications, and validation detail see the following table is for you.

Jazz Monthly Call Package Prepaid
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxRequired Balance in PKrSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net, Off-Net, Internet
Validation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Bundles/Know status/Un-Subscription
Monthly Hybrid Bundle / PackagesRs. 444Rs. 500 PKRFree On-Net Minutes = 10,000
(333 Minutes/day while Sunday Unlimited)
Off-Net Minutes= 50
SMS= 1000
Internet= 1GB
1 MonthDial *430#
Status *430*2#
Monthly Super Duper OfferRs. 577 Rs. 649Jazz+Warid Minutes= 3000
Off-net minutes= 150 Minutes
Internet= 3 GB
SMS= 3000
1 MonthDial: *706#
Status: *706*2#
Jazz Monthly All-Rounder BundlesRs. 596NilAll-Network Minutes= 2000
Internet= 5 Gb
1 MonthDial *2000#
Super Duper Offer MonthlyRs. 600 Rs. 600 PKRFree On-Net Minutes= 2000
Off-Net Minutes= 150
SMS= 2000
Internet= 2 GB
1 MonthDial *601#
Super Duper Plus Card BundleRs. 977Rs. 1099 PKRFree On-Net Minutes= 5000
Off-Net Minutes=300
SMS= 5000
Internet = 10 GB
1 MonthDial *707#
Info String: *707*3#
Status String: *707*2#
Un-Subscription: *707*4#


Jazz Postpaid Call Packages 2024

This Jazz call package 2024 is given for a postpaid network/sim. Jazz Postpaid call packages for the postpaid network.

How to activate Jazz postpaid call packages 2024 naming is J-300, 600, 999, and J-1500.

Jazz Postpaid Packages 2024
Packages NameCost in PKR Excluding TaxesSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net, Off-Net, Internet
J-300Rs. 300 Jazz + Warid Minutes= 1000
Other Network Minutes= 150
Internet= 500 MB
SMS= 150
J-600Rs. 600 Jazz + Warid Minutes= 2000
Other Network Minutes= 300
SMS= 300
J-999Rs. 999 Unlimited** Jazz + Warid Minutes
Other Network Minutes= 500
Internet=2000 MB
SMS= 1000
J-1500Rs. 1500 Unlimited** Jazz + Warid Minutes
Other Network Minutes= 500
SMS = 7000
MB Internet= 7000 MB
(1GB Facebook + Whatsapp)


Jazz Call Packages 3 Days

Consumers may also activate Jazz call pkg 3 days and talk freely with their friends easily. Jazz call packages 3 days code displayed in the table below, copy or take a screen shoot free of 3-day call pkg Jazz 2024.

3-day Jazz call package 2024 bundles activate and subscribe Jazz call packages 3 days only Just dial *211# to use 3-day bundles.

Jazz (Call Package For 03 Days)
Package NameValidation/ Time DurationCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/DetailsHow to Activate Packages
3-Day Bundles3 Days (72 Hrs)Rs. 36Free On-Net Minutes= 500Dial *211#


Jazz Call Package – For Karachi Only
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net, Off-net
How to Activate Bundles/Know status/Un-Subscription
Karachi (Hybrid Package Daily)Rs. 12 1 Day ( 24 Hrs)Free On-Net Minutes= 1 Lac
SMS= 1500
Internet= 250 MB
Dial *400#


Jazz Call Packages for Sindh

Jazz call packages have been given for only Sindh province. People of Sindh can activate and use these below-described call packages.

Jazz Sindh Call Packages
Packages NameSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net, Off-net
Cost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activiate Bundles/Know status/Un-Subscription
Haftawar Offer for SindhJazz/Warid Minutes= 5000
Off-Net Minutes= 50
Internet 5GB
between 2 AM – 2 PM)
SMS= 5000
Rs. 210 7 DayDial *406#
Raabta Offer for SindhFree On-Net Minutes= 1000Rs. 53.37 DaysDial *766#
Offer for SindhFree On-Net Minutes= Unlimited
Internet= 250 MB Data
SMS= 1500
Rs. 12 1 DaysDial *522#


Jazz Call Packages for KPK

Jazz call packages have been given for only Province KPK. People of KPK can use these below-described call packages.

Jazz KPK Call Packages
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net, Off-net
How to Activiate Bundles/Know status/Un-Subscription
KPK (Daily Offer)Rs. 12 1 Day (24 Hrs)Free On-Net Minutes= Unlimited
SMS= 1500
Internet= 100 MB
Dial *522#
Status *522*2#


This page of www.dailyilm.com provides complete details about call packages 2024 with price, specifications, how to activate, and Jazz call packages code to activate and de-activate.

Official Website of Jazz for More Details

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