HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024

Higher Education Authority (HEC) has started the LAT exams. An annual exam for LLB 5 years going to start the students of Law need some HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 Law Admission Test LLB 5 Years to get prepare within a short time.

HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024

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LAT Test Syllabus Subjects
Sr NoSubjectsMarks
1MCQs Urdu10 Marks
2MCQs Math5 Marks
3MCQs English20 Marks
4Personal Sentence in Urdu or English10 Marks
5MCQs Islamic Studies20 Marks
6MCQs General Knowledge20 Marks
7MCQs Pak Study10 Marks
8Essay in Urdu or English5 Marks


Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 LLB Subjects Syllabus

Govt of Pakitan Department Higher Education Commission is starting the annual exam for 5 years admission in the LLB program. All the students need to prepare the Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 for preparation.

These are Law Admission Test previous papers shown below in JPEG format. This department is an autonomous body working under the Higher Education Commission to schedule the exam date check online.

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Check the images of Lat Past Papers last 5 Years PDF file download check the previous papers were asked in the previous era 2019, 2020, 2021 2022, and 2024.

LLB Past Paper LAT Test HEC
General Questions LAT Past Papers
QWho is the author of the famous novel Pride and Prejudice?
AJane Austen
BJane Green
CJane Eyre
DEmily Dickinson
QWhat is the capital city of Spain?
QWhere would you find the River Thames?
A Spain
QWhich country is also known as the Netherlands?
QIn which country are the Taurus Mountains located?
QThe wire inside an electric bulb is known as a?
DMetallic Wire
QWith the fall of the Ottoman Empire, which of the following countries moved toward embracing secular nationalism?
DSaudi Arabia
QWho is known as the Father of Electricity?
AMichael Faraday
BNicola Tesla
CThomas Edison
DGraham Bill
QWhat is the hottest continent on Earth?
DSouth America
QWhat is the capital city of Argentina?
ASao Paulo
DBuenos Aires
QPsychology is an especially useful disciplinary approach when trying to?
AExplain mythological accounts of the fate of souls in the afterlife
BMake sense of the modes of religious experience
CDiscriminate between individual and societal aspects of a religious tradition
DInterpret the meaning of religious language
QThe Sun Dance
AIs practiced by only the Hopi people
BIs widely practiced in many Native American religious cultures
CIs a midsummer Native American ritual that spans nearly two weeks
DBoth B and C


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HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 Urdu Pakistan

Download Lat Past Papers Solved PDF Download 2024 Admission Test Previous Solved MCQs for easy preparation. Law Admission past paper English, Match, Urdu, Islamic Study, general knowledge, Criminal Law, Islamic Personal Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Political Science, Law of Tort, Sociology, Law of Evidence, Civil Procedure Code, Economical Development. LAT Past Papers Law Admission LLB 5 years.

HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024 HEC Lat Past Papers solved PDF Download 2024

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