Apply For LESCO New Connection Online Application Form

If the consumers of Lahore Electric Supply Company want to apply for LESCO New Connection Online or Offline fill out this LESCO application form at Now the company has made this process easier by staying at home you can apply and download the LESCO New Connection demand notice fee you may also check the New meter connection status by the above-said web portal.

Apply For LESCO New Connection Online Application Form

Are you looking for the best and easiest procedure to get the information for a LESCO New Electricity connection with Lahore Electric Supply Company? Do not worry it is easy now just read the following step-by-step guide to help you with this heading.

How to fill registration form for LESCO New Connection Online Apply

Let us read and understand the following prescribed step-by-step information:-

Fill Out the Online Application Form available at this link

Or go to the ENC website link and click on the Apply button for

Choose LESCO as your distribution company or select others according to your concern Electric Supply Company.

If you want to find the LESCO Subdivision just provide your neighbor’s reference number.

Select the category & type of connection (like home use).

Fill in your details and contact information.

Provide information about your premises, building, and house.

Upload necessary documents like property papers and copies of CNIC.

Review and submit the application.

Print the form and submit the Application to the office of LESCO.

Print the application form and attach the required documents along with this necessary document.

Submit the hard copy to the nearest Wapda office.


After clearing all the procedures and submitting the document the Wapda officials will verify your address, documents, and other important thing they will also visit your home.

Changing Connection Details:

Read this is important information for you if you need to change the name, tariff, or load on an existing connection, follow the same steps mentioned on the ENC website.

Tracking Your Application:

Keep track of your application LESCO new connection status check using the tracking ID provided upon submission.

Paying the Demand Notice:

After verification, a demand notice will be issued.

You can print it from the ENC website

and pay the fee at designated banks.

Alternatively, you can pay online through the ENC website.

Offline Procedure for Apply For LESCO New Connection Online Application Form

Get an application form from the official website of LESCO.

Fill it out by handwriting and attach the required documents with this form to proceed with the LESCO New Connection.

Send it to your nearest LESCO office.

If the office considers that everything is okay, attached, and verified, you will be sent a Demand Notice.

Applying for a LESCO New Connection Online or making any changes to an existing one is simple with LESCO. You can either visit their office or apply online through the ENC (Electricity New Connection System) website. Don’t forget to submit the necessary documents and pay any fees rapidly.

Getting a LESCO New Connection from this company the online process is now easy. If you live in places like Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Sheikhupura, and Nankana, you can apply online or offline.

LESCO New Connection Status Check Online

You can request a new connection online or at a local LESCO office.

Once your documents are verified and you pay the fee mentioned in the Demand Notice, your connection process starts.

You can track your LESCO New Connection Status Check Online at this portal

LESCO New Connection Fee

The New electricity connection fee is mentioned in your Demand Notice. Contact at LESCO helpline number on the official website for details.

The expected fee amounts to Rs. 7240/-

Meter Change Application:

Reading this is very important if you feel like changing the meter. Read the instructions for the electricity meter change application online at this link.

If you think your meter is not working right now, you can ask LESCO to fix or replace it.

Fill out an application with details about the problem and send it to the LESCO office. Or contact the following helpline / PTCL numbers.

This information is for the consumer who wants to check their LESCO Electricity Bill online visit the ENC web portal for this purpose. 

Customer Services:

Director Customer Services: 99204814

Manager Commercial: 99204850

Manager (S&I): 99204798

If LESCO doesn’t solve your problem, you can contact NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) to register your complaint regarding applying for the LESCO New Connection Online Application Form or change of electricity meter.

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