NADRA PALS Tracking ID, Punjab Arms License Fee & Online Renewal

Keeping arms and weapons is a need in all homes for the protection of the life of the family members. All weapon holders must remember that the Ministry of Interior has raised the Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee for Renewal with effect from this month to further order. Below check the complete details and latest updates about All Pakistan New Arms License Fee 2023 for all kinds of weapons. The Renewal of Arms License is very high as compared to the E-Passport Fee in Pakistan. 

Streamlining Punjab Arms Licensing with PALS & NADRA

The Punjab Arms License System (PALS) is an initiative by the Government of Punjab to streamline the process of arms licensing. This system is integrated with NADRA to provide a secure and efficient method for arms license issuance renewal. With the PALS tracking feature, individuals can easily track the status of their arms license applications or renewals. The NADRA PALS tracking ID is a unique identifier that allows applicants to monitor the progress of their application in real time.

This is particularly useful for those who have applied for a Punjab arms license and are awaiting approval or renewal. Moreover, NADRA has facilitated the arms license renewal process by offering online services, making it easier for license holders to update their credentials without the hassle of visiting an office. Overall, the PALS tracking ID and NADRA’s online renewal services have significantly simplified the arms licensing process in Punjab.


Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee for Renewal

Until now govt has issued millions of licenses to all stakeholders. Before releasing the notification for the Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee the owners of the weapon have to pay very rare and reasonable prices for a new license, duplicate, transfer, or renew the current Weapon License.

Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee for Registration

But the Government of Pakistan has increased the current prices of all kinds of weapons. Let us check the new updates about Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee increased by more than 50%.

How to check Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee for Renewal

After checking Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee you need to check Arms License Online verification to check the start date and expiry date for the next renewal. Just observe the below step-by-step procedure for Punjab arms license renewal fees and online registration.

Write an application to the ICT (Chief Commissioner) on this subject arm license fee in Pakistan.

Grab all the required documents for eligibility.

Submit attested copies of the issued Nadra CNIC.

The time process for compilation of NADRA Arms License Verification online is just 4 to 5 days only and may be received on the date of delivery mentioned in the application form. Read the below detail given in the local Urdu language of Pakistani for the detailed information arm license fee in Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Gilgit Baltistan.

All Pakistan new Arms license fee 2023

Govt has announced the newly increased prices of Arm License renewal. The new fee for a personal Arm License is Rs. 50,000/- increased from Rs. 10,000/-.

The Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan raised the fee of Duplicate Weapon License fee in Pakistan from 1 to 05 Thousand.

The Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan has also raised the Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee for Renewal is Rs. 2,000/- from Rs. 1400/-.

Use the above-displayed web portal of Nadra Registration Authority ( to check the 9mm pistol license price in Pakistan or 30 Bore Licence price in Pakistan 2023. The representative of the government department (Ministry of Interior) is 24 Hours present to share all new rates.

Remember the Arm license renewal fee in Pakistan is changeable according to the direction of this autonomous body.

Do not forget to share the recent update/information with the owner of the Arms/Weapon for the Ministry of Interior Nadra arms license renewal online Apply via this online platform established by the body.

Nadra All Pakistan Arms License Fee for Renewal

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