Zong Internet Packages 2024 Activate Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

“Zong Internet Packages 2024” is your gateway to a seamless online experience. In an increasingly interconnected world, staying connected is vital, and Zong understands this need better than anyone.

Zong’s Internet Packages are tailored to cater to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a student trying to stay updated with coursework, a professional managing important work tasks remotely, or someone simply looking to enjoy your favorite content online, Zong has the perfect plan for you.

What separates Zong isn’t simply the dependability of its organization but also its moderateness. With choices covering 3G, 4G, and 5G, you can depend on quick and steady web speeds, regardless of where you are. These bundles come in different information sizes, guaranteeing you have the perfect proportion of information to satisfy your web-based needs.

Full Detail of Zong Internet Packages 2024 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

With competitive pricing and comprehensive network coverage, Zong Internet Packages 2024 is the preferred choice for many across Pakistan. Choose Zong to unlock a world of seamless online connectivity that suits your needs and your pocket. Stay in touch with the digital age and opt for Zong today.

Zong Internet Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

You can also visit the Zong Head Office in Islamabad to get further information. Zong’s Head Office Address is CMPak Complex, Plot No.47, Kuri Road, National Park Road Chak Shehzad Islamabad Pakistan.

Zong UAN Number is (051) 111-222-11 and the Zong company Owner’s name is CHINA Mobile.

 Daily Zong Internet Packages 2024 How to Get It

Zong offers the Pakistani people that they can with no trouble purchase Zong Internet packages 2024, SMS, and call Pkgs. this company provides unlimited Zong 1 Day Net PKG check the below detail.

Zong Internet Packages- Bundles
Package NameCost in PKRSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time Duration
Social Pack OfferRs. 10/-Internet= 100 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)
Classified Pack Offer
(Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, Pak Wheels & Carmudi )
Rs. 5/-Internet= 50 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)
Zong Facebook Daily PackageRs. 5/-Internet= 50 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)


Users can also check the Zong Daily Call Package Code and the Zong Daily Internet package code here. Now use the “Daily Data Max” internet package at rs.35/- for 1 day (24 hrs). You will be given 500 Mbs Zong internet buckets hiring this package.

 Zong Internet Packages Daily
Package NameCost in PKRSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time Duration
Daily (Basic Offer)Rs. 15/-Internet= 100 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)
Daily Data (Max Offer)Rs. 35/-Internet= 500 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)
Zong (Day Time Offer)Rs. 16/-Internet= 1200 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)  (4 AM-7 PM)
Zong (Good Night Offer)Rs. 14.5/-Internet= 2.5 GBs1 Day ( 24 Hrs) (1 AM-9 AM )
All in one Daily OfferRs. 20/-Internet= 40 MBs,
On-net= 40,
Off-net minutes= 04,
SMS= 400
1 Day (24 Hrs)


 Zong Weekly Internet Package

Use “Super Weekly Internet packages” at Rs.120/- and get 2.5 GBs Internet Zong internet for 7 days.

Unlock seamless online connectivity with the “Zong Weekly Internet Package”. Zong’s offerings for 2024 in weekly internet packages are designed to cater to your data requirements while ensuring affordability. If you’re searching for the right choice in Zong Internet packages 2024 weekly, you’ve come to the right place.

Stay connected throughout the week with Zong’s high-speed internet access. Zong Weekly Internet Packages have something for everyone.

Zong’s commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness is evident in its range of options. These packages offer various data limits, ensuring you have the perfect plan to support your online activities.

Experience uninterrupted connectivity with the “Zong Weekly Internet Package.” Don’t miss out on the convenience and affordability it offers. Stay ahead in the digital era by choosing Zong for your weekly internet package needs, and get the best of both worlds – quality and savings.

Zong Internet Packages 2024 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly
SRNetworkPackage NameValidityFree Off-Net MinutesFree SMSFree MBSFree On-Net Minutes


1Zong 4G PackageZong Haftawar Load Offer7 Days80250025002500Rs. 0.25/-
2Zong 4G PackageZong Karachi Offer7 Days75500050005000Rs. 0.25/-
3Zong 4G PackageZong Shandaar Weekly Package7 Days40500500500Rs. 0.12/-
4Zong 4G PackageZong New SIM Offer7 Days40001000Rs. 00/-
5Zong 4G PackageZong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer7 Days4000400Rs. 00/-
6Zong 4G PackageZong Weekly SMS Bundle7 Days1500200Rs. 0.21/-
7Zong 4G PackageZong Mega Weekly Offer7 Days4000Rs. 0.16/-
8Zong 4G PackageZong Super Weekly 3G / 4G Package7 Days2500Rs. 0.17/-
9Zong 4G PackageZong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly)7 Days40100010001000Rs. 0.20/-
10Zong 4G PackageZong All-in-1 Bundle (Weekly)7 Days40100010001000Rs. 0.20/-
11Zong 4G PackageZong Super Weekly Max7 Days30000Rs. 0.30/-
12Zong 4G PackageZong Super Weekly Premium7 Days30000100Rs. 0.33/-
13Zong 4G PackageZong Punjab Offer7 Days6000150Rs. 0.23/-
14Zong 4G PackageZong Super Weekly Plus 3G/4G Package7 Days7000Rs. 0.24/-


Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Packages

Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Packages Weekly
Package NameCost in PKRSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time Duration
Super (Weekly Offer)Rs. 120/-Internet= 2.5 GB7 Days (1 Week)
Super Weekly (Plus Offer)Rs. 160/-Internet= 5 GB7 Days (1 Week)
Super Weekly (Max Offer)Rs. 200/-Internet= 10 GB
( 5GB is Available between 4 AM to 4 PM )
7 Days (1 Week)
All-in-One Weekly OfferRs. 150/-Internet= 700 MBs
On-net= 700
Off-net minutes= 40
SMS= 700
7 Days (1 Week)
Haftawar (Load Offer)Rs. 180/-1500MB, 1500 on-net, 75 off-net minutes, 1500 SMS7 Days (1 Week)


Zong Monthly Internet Package

Explore the best in connectivity with Zong Internet Packages monthly. In 2024, Zong will offer an array of monthly internet packages that cater to various data needs, all accessible with a convenient Zong monthly package code.

Whether you’re a student with heavy online course loads or a professional working remotely, Zong ensures you stay connected without interruption. Zong Internet Packages 2024 monthly code options make it easy to select the right package for your data requirements.

With competitive pricing and a robust network, Zong is the go-to choice for those seeking reliable and affordable monthly internet packages. Say goodbye to worries about exceeding your data limits and enjoy seamless streaming, browsing, and work with Zong Monthly Internet Packages.

Stay connected with the world and choose Zong for your monthly internet package needs. Experience the convenience of the Zong Monthly Internet Package Code and make the most of your online experience.

Activate “Zong Monthly Basic 500 Bucket” in Rs.150/- PKR and get a 500 MBs internet bucket for 30 days.

Zong Internet Packages- Monthly
Package NameCost in PKRSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time Duration
Monthly (Mini 150 Package)Rs. 50/-Internet= 150 MBs1 Month
Monthly (Basic 500 Package)Rs. 150/-Internet= 500 MBs1 Month
Monthly Premium (3GB Offer)Rs. 300/-Internet= 3 GBs1 Month
Monthly Premium (12 GB Offer)Rs.717/-Internet= 12 GB + free nights
( 1GB FUP ) 1 am to 9 am / Daily
1 Month
Zong Super Card OfferRs. 499/-Internet= 2000 MBs
On-net= 2000
Off-net minutes= 150
SMS= 2000
WhatsApp= 2 Gbs
1 Month


The company offers some other Zong Internet packages 2024 for its users. Check the “Social Pack Offer” by the company is Rs. 10 for 1 day and get 100 MBs of data.

Zong Postpaid Packages Internet

Check Zong Internet Packages “Z-3000” for Rs. 2190/- PKR and get 25,600/- MBS Internet data and also get Unlimited on-net call minutes 1200 off-net minutes and 5000 SMS.

Condition: Users who want to activate these buckets, will have to deposit a Security fee, Rs.5000/- PKR is a security fee to activate Z-3000 check the official website Internet Zong packages.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages
Z Package NameFree MBsOn-Net mintsOff-Net mintsSMSCost in PKRLoad
Z-300025600Unlimited12005000Rs. 2190/-Rs.5000/-


Introducing the versatile “Zong 3 Day Internet Package” designed to provide you with a short-term connectivity solution that perfectly fits your needs. Zong net packages offer convenient access to fast and reliable internet service for three days, and we’ve got the codes you need.

Zong’s commitment to quality and affordability shines through in its range of internet packages. These packages are perfect for those seeking a short-term solution to stay connected, whether for work or leisure.

The convenience of these packages is amplified by the straightforward “Zong Internet Packages Code List” we provide. With these codes, activating your chosen package is a breeze, ensuring that you get connected quickly and easily.

When it comes to seamless and cost-effective connectivity, the “Zong 3 Day Internet Package” is the answer. Explore the world of Zong Net Pkg and experience the convenience and savings they offer. Don’t hesitate to use the “Zong Net Packages Code” for a hassle-free experience that keeps you connected whenever you need it.

Hopefully, this content is beneficial and assist you in providing the Zong Internet Packages 2024 for Daily, Weekly, Monthly etcetera.

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