Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per Person Rate in Urdu Detail

We are passing through the Holy Month of Ramadan 2024 every Muslim needs to pay the Fitrana Amount 2024 based on their family members. Every year before Eid ul Fitr Fitrana 2024 Pakistan is payable by every Muslim. Let us check the hadith and saying of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammat SWW about the Sadqa-e-Fitr rate per person by Dawateislami and Darul Uloom Karachi.

Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per Person Rate in Urdu Detail

If you are living In Pakistan country so check the Fitrana rates 2024 Pakistan that were announced recently by Sheikh Al-Hadith Professor “Dr. Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali” who is the chairman of the Shariah Board Pakistan. You should also read the details given in these images about Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per Person Rate in Urdu.

Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per Person Rate Rs. 300

Islam emphasizes the importance of Fitrana obligations that must be fulfilled by every Muslim, our Islamic scholars have set the Fitrana minimum amount at Rs. 300/- per person,  So you can say that Fitrana 2024 per person in Pakistan is PKR 300. This amount is equivalent to two Kilo Grams of wheat flour approximately.

Moreover, the Ramadan 2024 Fidya rate for individuals unable to fast due to health reasons was also fixed at Rs.300/- per person. Read this that Dr. Jalali highlighted the meaning of charity, and advised individuals to donate to the Sadqa-e-Fitr 2024 according to their financial capacity.

You should also know that the different food items were also allocated for specific values for Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per person, with oats at Rs.600/-, dates at Rs.2,400/-, and raisins at Rs.4,400/-.

Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per Person Rate in Urdu Detail

Fitrana 2024 Pakistan by Ministry of Poverty Alleviation & Social Security

Let us read about the amount of  Zakat 2024, this is the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation & Social Security has also set up the Fitrana amount 2024 minimum at Rs.135,179/- for the current year. Zakat is related to savings accounts/PLS accounts with a balance of Rs.135,179/- or more, with customers meeting the criteria answerable to pay 2.5% Zakat on their total account balance. 

Let us below read some Short hadith on Zakat below for your kind information about paying for the Eid Sadqa by every Muslim of the world. 

How much is Fitrana 2024 in Pakistan
Type of DonationMinimum Amount (in Rs)
Sadaqah-e-Fitr (Fitrana)Rs 300 per person
Fidya for Skipping FastingRs 300 per person
Fidya for Chronically Ill or Unable to FastAs follows:
– Wheat FlourRs 9,000
– OatsRs 18,000
– DatesRs 72,000
– RaisinsRs 132,000
Zakat Minimum AmountRs 135,179
Zakat Rate2.5% of total savings exceeding Rs 135,179


Zakat in Quran and Hadith

The messenger of Allah made it the payment of one Sa of dates or one Sa of barley as Zakat-ul-Fitr on every Muslim slave of free, male, female, young, or old. (He ordered that it be paid before the people went out to offer Eid prayer.

Zakat al Fitr: Narrated by Abu Huraira: The message of Allah said that five practices are characteristics of the Fitra circumcision, shaving the pubic region, clipping the nails, and cutting the moustaches short.

Hazrat Abdulah bin Umar R.A. said that Hazrat Muhammad SWW told that the Muslims should pay the Sadqa Fitr before leaving for the Eid ul Fitr prayer.

Fitrana 2024 Pakistan Per Person Rate in Urdu Detail

The poor and needy people can get their livelihood by accepting the Fitrana per head 2024 but also visit the Ramzan Rashan Centers established by the Government of Pakistan for this purpose. 

Minimum Amount of Fitrana 2024 Pakistan

In 2024 Ramadan-ul-Mubarak, it is important to give the Eid ul Fitr Fidya to those who are in need and earn less income. Our scholars have set Rs.300 per person as the minimum amount of money Fitrana 2024 Pakistan per person to assist others during this special time of Ramadan 2024.

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