HEC LAT Registration 2024 Law Admission Test

This year in 2024 The HEC is going to conduct the HEC Law Admission Test 2024 for the new admissions in 5 years undergraduate LLB degree program 2024. HEC LAT Registration 2024 last date check online this process is being started before this date 08-01-2024.

HEC LAT Registration 2024 Law Admission Test

If you have set your views on a five-year journey into law at a recognized university, this Higher Education Commission (HEC) has something important announcement for you. The Law Admission Test (Law-LAT) is your golden ticket to entering a Government or Private University for the LLB program.

Who’s Eligible for HEC LAT Registration 2024

You are eligible if you’ve successfully completed your 12th-grade exams or equivalent.

Even if your results are pending, you can still throw your hat into the ring.

Mark your calendar for the tentative test day on January 21, 2024.

The deadline to apply is January 08, 2024.

How to Apply for HEC LAT Registration 2024

Take a digital leap and apply online at the HEC website: http://etc.hec.gov.pk.

If you find yourself in a bit of a jam, head over to onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk, the HEC Secretariat, or get in touch with the HEC regional offices.

The application process involves two simple steps: first, complete your profile, and then submit your application for the Law Admission Test.

Other Important Nuggets:

The test fee stands at Rs. 1800/- PKR, and you can settle it through various channels such as banks, ATMs, Internet Banking, and mobile services.

Remember, the fee is a one-way street – It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Time is of the essence; ensure you register before the clock strikes midnight on January 08, 2024.

About a week before the test, you can hold up your Roll Number Slip from http://etc.hec.gov.pk.

Keep your eyes covered on your email and phone; important details about the test will drop into your inbox.

On the big day, don’t forget to pack your Roll Number Slip and ID – they’re your entry pass to the exam center.

HEC LAT Registration 2024 Law Admission Test

If you want to study law for five years at a college or university, there is a test you take called the Law Admission Test (LAT). The big shots at the Supreme Court say every college, whether it is private or public, candidates have to qualify for the HEC Law Admission Test 2024

HEC Lat Roll Number Slip 2024

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) gives you a special paper called a “roll number slip” for the HEC LAT Registration 2024. It has your name, roll number when and where the test is happening, and other important stuff. You can snag this paper online from the HEC’s official website. It is a cool move by the Higher Education Commission.

Remember this: the last day to sign up for the LAT test is January 8, 2024. So, make sure you get yourself signed up online before that date to avoid any issues.

Now, to pay for the test, you can throw your money at Habib Bank Limited. The bank account number is 1742-79001334-01. Hang on to the payment paper the bank gives you because you might need to show it to the HEC later.

HEC LAT Test Syllabus 2024

Curious about what’s on the HEC LAT Registration 2024? It’s 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) all about law. The big shots at the Supreme Court say you get at least half of them right (that’s 50%) to get into any college or university in Pakistan for LLB. Applicants must check the LAT Past/Old Papers solved MCQs questions for the best prepration of the test.

HEC LAT Test Syllabus 2024
1English (MCQs)20 Marks
2Pakistan Study10 Marks
3Islamic Studies10 Marks
4Math05 Marks
5Personal Statement (English or Urdu)10 Marks
6General Knowledge (MCQs)20 Marks
7Essay (English or Urdu)15 Marks
8Urdu10 Marks
Total Marks100 Marks
 HEC Lat Test Passing Marks (Minimum)50  Marks
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