Jazz Internet Packages 2024 Code for Activation

As time passed very fastly calls, SMS, and Jazz Internet Packages 2024 are being offered by companies and utilized by the people of Pakistan very much. As everyone has mobile phones all over the world and there is nobody who doesn’t have a mobile even some people have 2 mobile for long business. Some people search for Jazz weekly internet packages at cheap and some have a costly mobile.  So as mobile phones are being increased.

Jazz Internet Packages 2022 Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly

Jazz net packages are being used too much by the people of Pakistan. Check on this page for some Jazz Internet Packages 2024 codes by activating your sim card. I uploaded the Jazz weekly internet package, hourly, daily, and Monthly also. The company has offered Jazz Internet packages 4g bundles to 3G/4G services.

Don’t worry about the search “How can I get Jazz Intenet Package at home? read this. Learn more at Jazz Website jazz.com.pk. Jazz Ceo is Amir Ibrahim from 2016. No 2300 Jazz Employees are working in Pakistan. Jazz Headquarters at Islamabad

Jazz WhatsApp package 2024 with cheap prices activate code will help you to subscribe to it. So get and activate easily Mobilink Internet packages on the https://www.dailyilm.com website.

How to activate Jazz Internet Packages 2024 

Here you can gain information and updates regarding Jazz Internet packages 2024. Also, know the Jazz Internet packages code activation, On this page Jazz Internet packages are shown in the table for an hour, daily, week & monthly.

Jazz Telecommunication Company gives choices to its users to select & prepare their own packages according to their necessities and requirements by activating Jazz Night Internet Package Offers 2024.

Jazz Internet Packages 2024 Daily Bucket

According to the latest information it has come to the knowledge that Jazz serves has a wide range of Jazz internet packages for you to read the list of some its pkg 2024. Jazz daily net packages are offered on a daily basis for 24 hours of validation. Jazz net package daily for Rs. 5 to 25 PKR is available on this page.

Jazz Whatsapp package daily 24 Hours validation code offered by the company. Jazz daily net packages 2024 read on table, its code to activate, and Mobilink daily internet package time duration/time limit to expire your package.

  • Download list Jazz Internet Packages Code 2024.
  • Jazz Internet Package in 80 rupees.
  • Check Jazz Internet packages weekly code for activation of 7 days package.
  • Check also Jazz hourly internet packages 2024 complete list.
  • Jazz data sim packages 2024 list attached.
  • Jazz Whatsapp packages list check online.
  • Jazz Night Internet packages 2024 have also been offered by the company.

Jazz monthly internet packages complete list of pkg name and specifications/features given. Jazz hourly internet packages will remain active only for a few hours like 2 hours, 6, or 8 Hours.

By subscribing to these Jazz Internet packages 2024 / bundles you can get relief and easiness for a long time like the whole day, week, or a whole month. If users have grand requirements they can use Jazz Internet weekly packages 2024 at an affordable price and without any hurdles.

The company has also released the shortcode to activate the free jazz internet code check the link for detail.

Jazz Internet PackagesJazz Night Internet Package 

Activate Jazz Daily Internet packages have the services the whole day, here I have given you a complete list of Jazz Internet packages list for activation, and check the Jazz Daily Internet Packages mentioned in the table format below.

If you want to use Facebook and Whatsapp Internet bundles activate the “Daily Social Recursive offer/ package in just Rs. 5.98/- PKR. This package will provide you with 200 MBs for FB and Whatsapp and you can enjoy FB and Whatsapp the whole day. To activate the Daily Social Recursive bundle Dial= *455# on your cell phone.

Read the information given in the below table for Jazz internet packages 1 day offers for 24 Hrs validation.

Daily Jazz Internet Package
Package NameCost in PKRSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Daily (Social Recursive) Package OfferRs. 5.98/-Internet= 200 MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *455#
Daily (Social Package) OfferRs.7/-Internet= 500 MBs only for Facebook & Whats App1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *114*5#
Daily (SMS+WhatsApp) Bundle OfferRs. 7.2/-Internet= 10 MBs only for WhatsApp
SMS= 1800
1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *334#
Daily (Browser Package)Rs. 11.95/-Internet= 50 MBs1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *117*11#
Daily (Peak-Off-PeakRs. 24/-Internet= 100 MBs for 24 hours and
1100 MBs Valid from  (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)
1 Day (24 Hrs)Dial= *117*4#
Internet (Hourly Extreme) OfferRs. 20.32-Internet= 2000 MBsNext 2 HrsDial= *846#

Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages

  • The company offers its audience/ users Jazz Net Packages 3 days of validation. To use more than 1 or 2 days you can subscribe to these Jazz net packages 3 days offer.
  • 3-Day Internet package Jazz Internet packages for 3 days 2024 continuously use services for Three Days.
  • To have a jazz net package for 3 days Dial= *117*1# to have 100 MBs in 25/- Rupees.
Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages
Package NameCost in PKRSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
3 Day (Extreme Package)Rs. 18/-Inernet= 500 MBsValid for only 3 Days & ( Valid Only for 2 AM to 2 PM )Dial= *114*14#
3 Day (Browser Package)Rs. 25/-Internet= 100 MBsValid for only 3 DaysDial= *117*1#
Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Here Company offers Jazz weekly packages and Internet details for the users. Companies offer 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet packages. Jazz 4G internet bundles work fast than 3G or 2G. These Jazz Internet packages 2024 run without any interruptions or hurdles.

To have jazz weekly internet packages Dial= *660# to activate “Jazz weekly Social” package in just Rs.60/- PKR. The package gives your 5GBs data for IMO, Fb, Whats app for the whole week.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Jazz Weekly Social OfferRs.60/-Internet= 5 GBs (24 Hours)
1 Week (7 Days)Dial= *660#
Weekly (Youtube Package)Rs. 80/-Internet= 5 GBs Youtube Data1 Week (7 Days)Dial = *570#
Jazz Weekly (Streamer Offer)Rs. 95/-Intenet= 1GB Data1 Week (7 Days)Dial= *117*7#
Weekly (Premium Offer)Rs. 147/-Internet= 3GBs1 Week (7 Days)Dial= *117*47#
Weekly (Mega Offer)RS. 200/-Internet= 7GBs1 Week (7 Days)Dial=  *159#
Jazz Weekly (Mega Plus Offer)Rs. 250/-Intenet= 20 GB
(10 GBs Only from 2 AM – 2 PM Only )
1 Week (7 Days)Dial=  *453#
Weekly (Extreme Offer)Rs. 71.7/-Internet= 2500 MBs ( Valid for 2 AM – 2 PM )1 Week (7 Days)The activation code has been changed by Company, it will be updated here very soon.
Weekly (Plus Offer)Rs. 210/-Internet= 12 GB ( 6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only )1 Week (7 Days)Dial *157#


Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

The consumers who use the whole month Jazz Internet Packages should activate also Jazz Internet packages monthly to work for the whole month on the Internet. If you wish to ask the operator to send the jazz internet setting code to your mobile via SMS so call the customer care center.

To ask for the Jazz internet package in 100 rupees dial *4444# short code or visit the official web for package detail and specification.

List Jazz internet pkg check in the table below to enjoy the best Jazz monthly net package services 2002 for Just Rs.215/- Rupees. Customers can have 4 GB data for the whole month name of the package is “Jazz Monthly Browser package” dial=(117*77# to activate these bundles/offers.

Monthly Jazz Internet Package
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Jazz Monthly (Browser Package)Rs. 215/-Internet= 4 GBs ( 2 GB 2 AM–2 PM )30 Day (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*77#
Jazz Monthly (Mega Package)Rs. 375/-Internet= 8 GB ( 4GB 2 AM–2 PM )30 Day (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*31#
Jazz Monthly (Mega Plus Offer)Rs. 600/-Intenet= 12 GB ( 6GB 2 AM–2 PM )30 Day (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*30#
Jazz Monthly (Supreme Package)Rs. 885/-Internet= 20GB ( 10 GB 2 AM–2 PM )30 Day (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*32#
Jazz Monthly (Extreme Package)Rs.120/-Internet= 5000 MBs30 Day (2 AM-2 PM)Dial= *117*34#


Jazz 4G Data SIM Internet Packages

Jazz also offers Mobilink 4G packages Internet Offers easily activate 3G Jazz internet packages 4g provides fast speed net, consumers who use the Jazz Internet package for 80 rupees use for only Youtube videos.

The Jazz 4g packages 2024 list is shown in the table. The company offers Jazz 4g device pkg list especially to watch Videos, movies, songs, etc.

Jazz 4g net packages get an activation code and subscribe to Jazz 4G Internet package validation for 30 days (Whole Month). To have a “jazz monthly internet basic package” dial= *117*71# for activation of 25 GB data for just Rs. 999/- for the whole month.

Jazz 4G Data SIM Internet Packages
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Monthly Internet (Basic Package)Rs. 999/-Internet= 25 GB ( 15GB 1 am-9 am )30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*71#
Monthly Internet (Regular Package)Rs. 1500/-Internt= 60 GB ( 30 GB 1 am-9 am )30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*73#
Monthly Internet (Heavy Package)Rs. 2500/-Internet= 150 GB ( 75 GB 1 am – 9 am )30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*74#
Social PackageRs. 150/-Internet= 6 GB ( Only Facebook & WhatsApp )30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*45#
Smart 4G Data SIM Package MonthlyRs. 600/-Internet= 15 GB ( 7.5 1 AM – 9 AM )30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*35#
Monthly Internet (Mega Package)Rs. 2000/-Internet= 100 GB ( 50 1 AM – 9 AM )30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *117*36#


Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages – 4G

It has been offered Jazz Internet packages for postpaid owners/sims. Check the details of Mobilink postpaid Internet packages for 2024 Complete the list download.

Learn how to subscribe Jazz postpaid net packages and how to check Jazz postpaid data packages bundles Remember Jazz Internet Packages 2024 at your own network /sims and enjoy the best quality service. If you have any questions related to Jazz postpaid Internet packages 4G 2024 , weekly, monthly, hourly, or daily comment me for the suggestion.

Jazz Internet Bundles Official Website Link

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages 4G
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/DetailsValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Monthly (Streamer Package)Rs. 250/-Internet= 2 GB30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *446#
Monthly (Premium Package)Rs. 500/-Internet=5 GB30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *446#
Monthly (Supreme Package)Rs. 800/-Internet= 14 GB30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *446#
Monthly (Super Package)Rs.1200/-Internet= 24 GB30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *446#
Monthly (Ultimate Package)Rs. 2200/-Intenet= 50 GB30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *446#


Online check the detail of Jazz Internet Packages 2024 Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly are being offered by the company on the basis of All one offer, Location Based Offer, Both network Postpaid and Pre-paid networks can get all the above-described offers to enjoy the best and cheap Internet Package Jazz. To inquire more information about the latest Jazz internet setting call the helpline number 24 Hrs. You may use the speed to check to upload and download Jaz net speed.

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