Zong Call Packages 2024 Activate Now Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

Zong, a prominent telecom company in Pakistan, offers a variety of Zong Call Packages 2024, catering to the diverse needs of its users. People in Pakistan choose their telecom providers based on quality and affordability. Like other telecom companies, Zong strives to expand its user base by providing top-notch services. Zong, along with competitors like Warid, Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor, focuses on delivering the best call, SMS, and internet packages at varying prices and time limits.

Losing customers due to negligence is a concern, so these companies maintain call centers to address complaints and provide information on internet packages. For comprehensive details on Zong call package 2024, visit their official website. Whether you’re seeking daily or hourly call packages, Zong has several options, including a Rs.5/- offer with 75 free on-net minutes, 30 MB, and 100 SMS, valid for 24 hours. To activate, dial 118*1#.

Zong call Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

Zong Call Packages 2024 Code to Activate

All telecom companies like Zong, Warid, Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor have set the goal to achieve success by providing the best service, like call Packages, SMS packages, and internet packages. They offer all packages at different prices, costs, specifications, and time limitations. Use and activate Zong call packages 2024 to fulfill your needs.

These companies can make a loss by losing their consumer if there is any negligence, inattention, or carelessness to their customers and users. So owing to this all Pakistan telecom companies have to pay big attention and struggle to ensure the best services.

Like other companies, Zong has also established a control room/call center where the people of Pakistan can lodge their complaints/quarry. The people also can get complete knowledge and prescription on the subject of internet packages.

Here ZONG Official Website link is given for you. Click on the link to visit the official website of this company to get more necessary information and details.

There is no need to worry about www.dailyilm.com providing you with complete information and specifications regarding Zong call packages 2024 etc. I expect that this page will fulfill your needs and help you to choose and activate the best.

Zong Student Offer Discounted

Zong offers the students of Pakistan that they can easily activate call packages. The company provides unlimited Call Zong packages for just Rs. 5/- you will have to just dial *5555# to activate this offer.

Zong Call Packages (Student Offer Discounted)
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR Excl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Zong Super Student Offer BundleOn-Net Minutes= Unlimited
Internet= 30 MBs
( PKR Rs.15/- call setup charges )
Rs. 5/-For the next 2 hours when it is activatedDial= *5555#

Zong Call Packages 2024 1 Day, 24 Hours For Prepaid

The network offered hourly, Zong daily call packages for prepaid users/networks. It has offered 7 daily for its users. Just check dial 118*1# to get 75 free on-net minutes with 30 MB and 100 SMS in just Rs.5/-. The time limit of this offer is 1 day (24 Hrs). Check the details for the Zong hourly call package at this table.

Looking for the best Zong Call Packages Daily communication needs in 2024? Zong has you covered with a range of Zong call packages, designed to meet your requirements every day.

With Zong call packages 2024 daily, you can enjoy cost-effective deals, including a popular option offering 75 free on-net minutes, 30 MB of data, and 100 SMS for just Rs. 5/-. To activate, simply dial the Zong call packages code: 118*1#. Zong’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its responsive call center, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. Discover more about these daily packages on Zong’s official website for all the details you need.

Zong Hourly Call Package – Daily / 1 Day / 24 Hours For Prepaid
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR Excl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Zong Super Student BundleOn-Net Minutes=120
Internet= 30 MBs
Rs. 5/-Next 2 HoursDial= *5555#
Zong Full (Gup Shup Package)On-Net Minutes= 75
Internet= 30 MBs
SMS= 100
Rs. 5/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= 118*1#
Sixer Plus OfferOn-Net Minutes=Unlimited
SMS= 500
Internet 1 MB Internet
Rs. 8/-6 am – 6 pm for 1 DayDial= *666#
Zong Nonstop OfferOn net Minutes= UnlimitedRs. 10/-( Except from 7 pm to 10 pm)  for 1 DayDial= *777#
Zong Daily Shandaar BundlesOn-Net Minutes= Unlimited
Internet= 50MBs
SMS= 800
Rs. 12/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *999#
Zong Hello OfferFree On-Net Minutes= 150
Internet= 50 MBs
SMS= 150
Rs. 12/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *2200*1#
Flutter Package OfferOn-Net Minutes= 120
SMS= 120
Internet= 50 MBs
Rs. 12/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *369#


Zong Call Packages Weekly Code 2024

The company also offers a Zong Weekly Call Package to get more service from this company. Users can use Zong Call Packages 2024 for a whole week without any trouble or out-of-range network.

Check and activate the “Zong All in 1 weekly offer”, dial *6464# to start this offer at just Rs. 200/-. By activating this Zong weekly package you can get 1000 On-net minutes, 40 Off-net minutes, SMS 1000, and Internet 1024 Mbs.

Check the below table for detailed info about Zong Call Packages Weekly Code 2024 to subscribe.

Zong Call Packages 2024 Weekly
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR Excl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Haftawaar Weekly OfferOn-Net Minutes= 500
Off-net Minutes= 40
Internet= 500MBs
SMS= 500
( Call Setup charges Rs. 0.15/- will be applicable on each call you Dial )
Rs. 120/-07 DaysDial= *7#
 All in one OfferOn-Net Minutes= 1000
Off-Net Minutes= 40
SMS= 1000
Internet= 1024 MBs
Rs. 200/-07 DaysDial= *6464# Or SMS “ Weekly 150 ” to 6464
Haftawar Load OfferOn-Net Minutes= 2500
Off-Net Minutes=80
SMS= 2500
Internet=  2.5 GBs Internet
Rs. 280/-07 DaysDial =*70#
Unlimited Weekly Offer Zong to Zong calls Unlimited
SMS= 150 / Day
( Call set up charges Rs. 0.15/- on every call )
Rs. 63/- includes tax07 DaysSend ” PK 7″ to “522”
Hello 7 Day OfferOnnet Mins= 100
SMS= 100 / Day
Internet= 1MB / Day
Rs. 45/- including tax07 DaysDial= 310 then type 4 ( Follow Instructions )
Zong Combo Pack Offer
( fortnightly package )
Off-Net Minutes= 50
Internet 3GB Internet
Rs. 200/- including tax15 Days (2 Weeks)Dial= *15#

Zong Monthly Call Packages For Prepaid Users

By activating Zong call monthly Zong packages Call you will feel complete easiness the entire month. Choose “Zong Power Pack 1500 packages” for 3 months for Rs. 1500/- including Government taxes. Dial 310 and type 4 to use the Zong Monthly Call Package.

For those seeking reliable and cost-effective communication solutions, Zong call packages for the month of 2024 are an ideal choice. Zong understands the diverse needs of its users, offering a range of Zong call packages monthly. Whether you prefer to refer to them as Zong call pkg monthly or simply Zong call packages 2024 monthly, there’s a plan to suit you.

To activate your preferred monthly package, make use of the Zong call packages 2024 monthly code, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Zong’s commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount, with a responsive call center to assist with any inquiries or concerns.

Choose Zong Call Packages 2024 Mahana for your monthly communication needs, and stay connected hassle-free. For detailed information and activation instructions, explore Zong’s official website and enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the month.

Zong Monthly Call Packages For Prepaid Users
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR Excl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Shandaar Monthly Package OfferOn-Net Minutes=1000
Off-Net Minutes= 100
SMS= 1000
Internet 1GB Internet
Rs.300/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *1000#
or Send “sub-Mahana” at 7091
All in 1 Bundle ( Monthly )On-Net Minutes 2500
Off-Net Minutes= 150
SMS= 2500
Internet= 2.5GB & 2GB Whatsapp
(Recharge or load Required)
30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *6464# then press 4
Zong Supreme OfferOn-Net Minutes=5000
Off-Net Minutes= 300
SMS= 50000
Internet 5,120 MB, 4GB Whatsapp
Rs 1000/-
(Recharge Required)
30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *6464# > 4 > 2 > 2
 Supreme Plus OfferOn-Net Minutes= 10,000
Off-Net Minutes= 600
SMS= 10,000
Internet= 10GB ,  4GB Whatsapp
Rs 2,000/-
(Recharge Required)
30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *6464# > 4 > 4 > 2
Power Pack 500 MonthlyOn-Net Minutes=1000
Off-Net Minutes= 50
SMS= 1000
Internet= 2.5GB Internet
Rs.500/- incl.Tax30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial= *70#
Power Pack 1000 MonthlyOn-Net Minutes= 2000
Off-Net Minutes= 150
SMS= 1500
Internet= 5GB
Rs.1000/- incl.Tax30 Days (4 Weeks)Dial 310 then type 4 (Follow Instructions)
Power Pack 1500 (3 Months)On-Net Minutes 8000
Off-Net Minutes= 200
SMS= 3000
Internet= 8GB
Rs.1500/- incl.Tax03 Months (90 Days)Dial= 310 then type 4
( Follow Instructions )


Zong Call Packages for Postpaid Users

The network offers some Zong call Pkgs postpaid networks. Moreover, it has offered postpaid call packages for a whole month. Dial 310 for the “Z-900 Call Package”, this offer will be given to you for just Rs.657/-. You can get unlimited free call packages for postpaid networks.

Zong Call Packages for Postpaid Users
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR + TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate Packages
Z-300On-Net Minutes= 500
Off-Net Minutes= 100
SMS= 500
Internet= 1GB
Rs. 300/-30 Days (4 weeks)Dial= 310
Z-500On-Net Minutes=1500
Off-Net Minutes= 250
SMS= 1000
Internet= 2GB
Rs. 365/-30 Days (4 weeks)Dial= 310
Z-900On-Net Minutes= Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes= 500
SMS= 2000
Internet= 4GB
Rs. 657/-30 Days (4 weeks)Dial= 310
Z-1500On-Net Minutes= Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes= 800
SMS= 4000
Internet= 8 GB
Rs.1,095/-30 Days (4 weeks)Dial= 310
Z-3000On-Net Minutes= Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes= 1200
SMS= 5000
Internet= 25.6 GB
Rs.2,190/-30 Days (4 weeks)Dial= 310


In Pakistan, Zong Call Packages 2024 are making waves among telecom users. Zong, like other telecom giants, offers a range of call packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers. With the goal of expanding its user base, Zong, along with its competitors, continues to provide high-quality call packages, striving to meet the requirements of users across Pakistan.

Whether you’re in search of daily or hourly call packages, Zong has various options available, and you can find the relevant Zong Call Packages code to activate these deals. For example, a popular package includes 75 free on-net minutes, 30 MB, and 100 SMS for just Rs. 5/-. Activation is simple, just dial 118*1#.

Zong’s commitment to customer satisfaction includes a responsive call center where you can lodge complaints or inquiries. For detailed information on Zong call Packages 2024 Pakistan, visit their official website. These offerings reflect Zong’s dedication to serving the telecommunications needs of the nation.

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