Telenor Call Packages 2024 Codes Monthly Weekly Daily & Hourly

We are sharing complete information about Telenor Call Packages 2024 have been updated here with price and prescription. Telenor is also one of the most used telecom companies in Pakistan. Telenor Telecom Company has been working for the last decade. It has achieved many milestones and reached new targets. Telenor has also started 3G and 4G services for the best service.

With the passage of time, Pakistan Telecom Company has updated and modified its service to ensure the best quality. Visit this page to activate Telenor weekly call package, Telenor monthly call package, Telenor call pkg, and Telenor daily call package 2024.

Telenor Call Packages 2023 Codes Monthly Weekly Daily & Hourly

According to the latest research, Telenor has up to 3 Million users/consumers across Pakistan. Famous Pakistan Telecom Company name is Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, and Zong. Like other telecommunications companies, Telenor also offers some Telenor Call Packages 2024, like daily call packages, Weekly and Monthly calls, SMS, and Internet packages.

Telenor Call Packages 2024 Activation and De-Activation Codes

Like other companies, Telenor also offers some free WhatsApp, SMS, and free call packages for their customers/consumers. Due to COVID-19 as the whole world were facing so many challenges and difficulties, so many people were affected by the coronavirus and a bundle of peoples passed away / deceased due to COVID-19. Wheel of Success has been jammed/blocked/stopped in all public places. Flights and businesses have been stopped due to this pandemics COVID-19.

So at this critical, All Telecom Compan offers some free service for the people of Pakistan to talk with their family and loved ones. Enjoy Telenor Call Packages 2024 to stay connected with your families.

Telenor Internet Packages 2024

On the eve of the special day Like Happy New Year, Telenor Anniversary, Eid holidays, Pakistan Day, etc. the company announced some free packages offered for calls, SMS, and Internet. All the companies offer some free offers to advertise, market, and promote their services. Use Telenor Call Packages offers, and bundles to get its services.

To see more information and queries regarding Telenor calls, SMS or Internet offers visit Telenor’s Official Website. You may get more information and directions to choose and activate your call bundles, SMS, or the internet. Sometimes Telenor free minutes are offered to its users. 

Telenor Call Packages 3 Days

Telenor Call Packages 3 days/Telenor call pkg 3 days/Telenor 3 day call package code/3 day call package Telenor & 3 days Telenor call package announced for its consumers. Just dial *5*3# to activate this offer. It is a new and updated offer given by the company.

Telenor Call Packages 3 Days
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate
3-Day (Din Bhar Offers)Get unlimited calls to any Telenor’s no
Valid for 3 Days
From 6 AM to 6 PM.
Rs. 24.50/-3 DaysDial= *345*626#
3 Day On-net OffersTelenor Minutes= 250
Internet= 15 MB ( 3G )
Rs. 30.00/-3 DaysDial= *730#
3 Day Superhit offersGet unlimited Free on-net calls except for 7 pm-10 pmRs. 34.00/-3 DaysDial= *345*299#
Telenor 3 / 3 OffersOn-net minutes= 600
SMS= 300
Internet= 50 MBs ( 2G, 3G & 4G )
Rs. 46.61/-3 DaysDial= *345*243#
Telenor (3 Din) Sahulat OfferOffset Minutes=25
Call Minutes=250
Internet 50 MBs with 100 MBs for Whats App, Twit & FB
Rs. 47.80/-3 DaysDial= *5*3#
All in one OffersPurchase Rs. 75/- Balance to get All Network Calls & SMS 500 MBs 4GRs. 50.00/-3 DaysDial= *2*20#

Telenor Postpaid Call Packages

The Company has also started Telenor call packages 2024 for a Postpaid network. Get further details below. Get a “Smart 3000” offer of Rs. 3000/- for the whole month (30 days). In Telenor postpaid call packages you were given 3600 free minutes for any network and 3000 SMS.

Telenor Postpaid Call Packages 2024
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time Duration
Smart 300Free 2G / 3G / 4G= Free Any Network
Call Minutes= 300
Free SMS: 50
Rs. 300/-30 Days (4 Weeks)
Smart 600Free 2G/3G/4G= Free Any Network
Minutes= 700
Free SMS: 100
Rs. 600/-30 Days (4 Weeks)
Smart 1000Free 2G/3G/4G= Free Any Network
Minutes= 1200
Free SMS= 1000
Rs.1000/-30 Days (4 Weeks)
Smart 1500Free 2G/3G/4G= Free Any Network
Minutes= 1800
Free SMS= 1500
Rs. 1,500/-30 Days (4 Weeks)
Smart 3000Free 2G/3G/4G= Free Any Network
Minutes= 3600
Free SMS= 3000
Rs. 3,000/-30 Days (4 Weeks)


Telenor Daily Call Package Prepaid

Here get Telenor Call packages 2024 on a daily basis in detail. Check the names of packages/offers, their specifications, cost, and time limit, and check the procedures to activate Telenor Daily call Package/daily Telenor call package/Telenor daily call package code/Telenor off-net call packages daily and Telenor packages call daily for prepaid sims/network.

Telenor Daily Call Package Prepaid
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate
Telenor (Good Time Offer)On-net minutes Unlimited only for 2 hours ( except from 6 pm to 9 pm)
Internet 200 MBs+50 MB Facebook Available Full Day ( Except 6 pm to 9 pm)
Rs. 7/-2 HoursDial= *345*20#
Telenor (Daily Offer Package)On-net minutes=10, 000
Internet 20MBs (Valid from 6 AM to 6 PM)
Rs. 10/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *345*006#
Telenor (Mini Budget Offer)On-net minutes=50
Internet= 4 MBs,
SMS= 300 to all networks
Rs. 15/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *240#
Telenor (Full Day Offer)On-net calls= Unlimited
Internet= 60 MBs
Social network= 15 MB
Rs. 18/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *5*250#
Telenor 100 Minute (Mini Budget Packages)On-net minutes= 100
SMS= 300 to all networks
Rs. 18/-1 Day (24 hrs)Dial= *050#


Telenor Weekly Call Packages Prepaid

Use the opportunity of weekly call package Telenor and know the Telenor weekly call package code below.

Telenor calls packages weekly for prepaid sims. Just dial *5*7# to activate the “Haftwar Sahulat Offer” for Just Rs. 115/-

Telenor Weekly Call Packages For Prepaid SIMs
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate
Telenor 2 Paisa (Weekly Bundle)2 Paisa/second for all NetworkRs. 4.78/-7 DaysDial= *345*227#
Seven-Day (Mini Budget Offer)On-net minutes= 500
SMS= 1000
Internet= 50MBs
Rs. 86/-7 DaysDial= *345*247#
Haftawaar (Chappar Phaar Bundles)Onnet Mins= 1200 + 800
Internet= 70 MBs 
Rs. 90/-7 DaysActivate this offer at the Official website or “My Telenor App” download from the Play Store
Haftawar (Sahulat Offer)Off-ne= 70 Min
On-Net= 1000 mints
SMS= 700
Internet= 100MBs
Social Pack= 350MBs
Rs. 115/-7 DaysDial= *5*7#
Telenor Easy Card (Weekly Offer)On-net minutes= 500
SMS= 500
Off-net minutes= 50
Internet= 750MBs Data
Rs.150/-7 DaysJust load a card to activate this offer…


Telenor Monthly Call Package Prepaid

It is a great Telenor call package monthly offer. This offer gets more calls, SMS, and internet bundles to enjoy the whole month. You can have Telenor call packages monthly unlimited/monthly call package Telenor and monthly Telenor call package on this page of

Dial Just *345*30# to activate Telenor call Packages 2024 “Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Offer”. This offer can be activated for just Rs. 418. It is valid for 30 Days. Have Telenor monthly call package to use its service the whole month.

Telenor Monthly Call Package For Prepaid Network
Package NameSpecifications/DetailsCost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activate
Telenor Easy Card OfferTelenor+PTCL mins=
Other Network mins=50
Internet=500 MB
Rs. 350/-30 Days (4 Weeks)You have to Load an “Easy Card” to activate
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala OfferOn-net minutes=3000
SMS= 3000
Internet= 300MBs Internet data
Rs. 418/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Just Dial *345*30#
Telenor Easy Card Plus Bundles2000 On-net minutes 150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet data, 2000 SMSRs. 600/-30 Days (4 Weeks)You have to Load an “Easy Card” to activate


I hope you will like and enjoy the Telenor Call Packages 2024 service/offers. You can subscribe to any pkg according to your needs. You may also check Telenor Internet Packages 2024. 

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