How to Check Ufone Internet Package Code for 4G & 5G

The Ufone telecom company has become 2nd popular and most used network company in Pakistan, whereas Jazz is in the first stage. There is no other telecommunication network company besides Ufone that provides wonderful service, bundles, offers & packages in calls, SMS, and the Internet. It has offered the Whatsapp package, weekly internet package daily, internet, and monthly internet package. Check all package codes for activation of the bundles. How to Check Ufone Internet Package Code Keep visiting this portal for free information.

How to Check Ufone Internet Package Code for 4G & 5G

How to Check Ufone Internet Package Code for activation

It has also a huge list of Ufone customers in Pakistan. Through the How to Check Ufone Internet Package code, we can send anything to others like all types of pictures, images, photoshoots, and books, a large number of texts via using Ufone net Pkgs are not the only source to see others’ faces through video online calls but also we can send letters/posts to our beloved within a second. With the help of the internet, we can see everything in the whole world sitting at home. We can read books, and get information about anything by searching on the internet.

Ufone Call Packages 2023

Ufone company has gotten numerous fan followers owing to its best products and service like the Jazz network. I can say if it continues to provide the best services and offers to the consumers’ no one else can stop it to become the best and most prominent network company in Pakistan. According to the latest research and survey, it is said that it has about 45 Million users, customers, and consumers across Pakistan.

Like Jazz, Ufone Telecom Network Company also offers its users the to select and activate numerous call packages, SMS, internet, and other packages.  It has won the hearts of the people by ensuring good quality services.

How to Check Ufone Internet Package code for daily basis

The company offers daily Ufone Internet Package to its users. On a daily basis, they can activate Ufone daily internet packages/Ufone daily net pkg/daily net package Ufone/daily Ufone net package/Ufone daily Whatsapp package/Ufone daily internet Packages and Ufone daily package internet and can enjoy the best offers given by the company.

Activate “Ufone Daily Light Offers” for Just Rs.10 for one day. Dial just *2256# to activate the daily Ufone internet package. It will provide you with 40 Mbs of internet and 500 Mbs for Fb, twit, line, and WhatsApp only.

See the complete list of Ufone Internet Package daily activation codes in the below table:-

Daily Ufone Internet Packages
Bucket NameCost/WorthValidationPrescriptionActivate Code
Special Daily 01 AM- 09 PM
( Ufone Night Internet Offer )
Rs.5/-1 Day (24 Hrs)Internet= 50 MBs
( 500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Line )
Dial= *3461#
Ufone Daily Light OfferRs. 10/-1 Day (24 Hrs)Internet= 40 MB Plus
 5 00 Mbs for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Line )
Dial= *2256#
Mega Internet (Bucket 1)
AM – 8 AM
Rs.12/-1 Day (24 Hrs)Internet= 2048 MBsDial= *550#
Daily Heavy offerRs.15/-1 Day (24 Hrs)Internet= 75 MB Plus
( 500 MBs Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Line )
Dial = *2258#

Ufone 3 Day Internet Package

Ufone also offers a “3 days buckets offer” valid for 3 days only. It’s a Ufone 3G and 4G offer offered by the company. Without going to any shop/market you can easily activate the “Ufone 3 Day Bucket Package” while staying at home from your own mobile. How to Check Ufone Internet Package Code for 3 days This table is for you to get the best information.

This offers gives you 100 MBs of the Internet and 500 Mbs for Fb, WhatsApp, twit, and line apps. Dial= *3350# to subscribe to Ufone call packages 3 days/Ufone 3 day net package/Ufone 3 day bucket and Ufone 3 days packages. This offer is valid for 3 days only for Just Rs.25/- PKR.

 3 days Ufone Internet Package
Bucket NameCost/WorthValidationPrescriptionActivate Code
3 Day (Bucket Package)Rs. 25/-3 DaysInternet= 100 MBs
( 500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Line )
Dial= *3350#


Ufone Internet Package Weekly

Ufone telecom company offered ufone internet package weekly validation for 7 days for the whole week. Subscribe to this offer and stay an easy whole week.

Subscribe to the weekly Ufone internet package named “Super Internet Bucket” for Rs.130/- PKR. Dial *220# to activate Ufone weekly net packages and have 1.2 Gbs Internet for 7 days.

Weekly Ufone Internet Package
Bucket NameCost/WorthValidationPrescriptionActivate Code
Weekly (Light Offer)Rs. 50/-7 DaysIntenet= 250 MBsDial= *7811#
Super Internet BundlesRs.130/-7 DaysInternet= 1.2 GBsDial= *220#
Weekly Internet Plus OfferRs.175/-7 DaysInternet= 3 GBsDial= *260#


Monthly Internet Package Monthly

The company announced the online information for how to check Ufone Internet Package for 30 days of validation. This Ufone monthly net packages/Ufone monthly Whatsapp package/Ufone monthly net package Ufone Whatsapp monthly package Ufone monthly Whatsapp pkg/Ufone Whatsapp pkg monthly &Ufone monthly data package for the people who need intent services the whole month.

Subscribe monthly naming “Monthly Heavy Offer” for just Rs. 500/- PKR. Dial *803# and get a 3 GBs and 2GBs social media data offer for the whole month.

Check all other Ufone internet package monthly buckets and enjoy the best services of the company.

Monthly Ufone Internet Packages
Bucket NameCost/WorthValidationPrescriptionActivate Code
Monthly Light OfferRs. 250/-1 Month (4 Weeks)Internet= 1 GB
Social Media Data= 2 GBs
Dial= *7807#
Monthly Heavy OfferRs.500/-1 Month (4 Weeks)Internet= 3 GB
Social Media Data= 2Gbs
Dial= *803#
Monthly Max OfferRs.1000/-1 Month (4 Weeks)Internet= 10 GB
Social Media Data=2 Gb
Dial= *5100#


How to get Ufone Social Package 2023

Ufone internet package/Ufone social package/Ufone weekly social package/Ufone social internet packages/Ufone social package weekly and Ufone social bundle have been updated on this page of Readout this whole page and find your desired fulfillment Ufone net packages and subscribe easily on your mobile on your own. These packages are Ufone 4G packages.

Check a Ufone 4G net package, Dial *4422# to subscribe to “Social Daily Offer” for Just Rs.5 valid for the whole day (24 Hrs). This package offers you 100 Mbs in Rs.5/- PKR.

Social Data Buckets
Bucket NameCost/WorthValidationPrescriptionActivate Code
Social Daily OfferRs. 5/-01 Day (24Hrs)Interntet= 100 MBsDial= *4422#
Daily Chat offerRs.5/-01 Day (24Hrs) Whatsapp= Unlimited
SMS= 10,000
Dial= *3465#
Ufone Streaming OfferRs. 8/-01 Day (24Hrs)Internet= 500 MBs
 ( Youtube & Daily Motion )
Dial= *78#
Social Monthly OfferRs.50/-30 days (4 weeks)Facebook= Free
Twitter & Whatsapp.
Dial= *5858#


Ufone Call Packages Code for Activate

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

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