Telenor Internet Packages 2024 Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly

Here you can read Telenor 4g packages, Telenor monthly internet package, weekly internet packages of Telenor, Telenor daily internet package, and Telenor 4g packages. Telenor Internet Packages 2024 complete information and prescription on this page.  I have given here Telenor hourly internet package and Telenor internet bundles with price & specifications.

Telenor Internet Packages 2024 Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly

Telenor is also one of the most used services in Pakistan country. Telenor Network has given its services in the last decade. It has reached many milestones & targets to enhance its services and quality.

Telenor also started 2G, 3G, and 4G services for the best interest. With the passage of time, all Pakistan Telecom Authority has updated and personalized their service to provide the best quality services to the people of Pakistan.

Telenor Internet Packages 2024 Check Details

According to the last research and survey, it has been concluded that Telenor has up to 4 Million users/clients across Pakistan. Famous Pakistan Telecom Company named Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, and Zong offers Internet packages weekly, monthly, daily, and hourly. Like other telecommunications companies, Telenor also offers Telenor Net Pkg and Telenor Internet Packages Codes to its clients.

At the moment of the special day Like Happy New Year, Anniversary, Eid holidays, Happy Birthday, Pakistan Day, etc the Telenor telecom company offers some free WhatsApp and Facebook packages for calls, SMS, and the Internet. All the companies offer some free bundles for the purposes of advertising, marketing, and promoting their services.

To see more about Telenor net pkg, Telenor internet packages, calls, and SMS packages click on the given links at the Telenor Official Website.  You may get more instructions & queries about the services of the company.

Telenor Internet Packages Daily 2024 Prepaid

Here get Telenor internet packages 2024 Telenor daily internet package on a daily basis in detail. Dial *12# to activate the “Telenor 4G Lite Bundle” in just rs. 14.27/- PKR rupees. The lite package gives you 50 Mbs for 24 Hours.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
Telenor (Video Bundle Offer)Rs.10/-Dial= *60#Internet= 500 MBs ( 1 hour )
4G Daily (Lite Bundle)Rs. 14.28/-Dial= *12#Internet= 50 MB
Telenor (Raat Din Offer)Rs. 18/-Dial= *150#Internet= 1.5 GB ( 12AM – 12PM )


Telenor Weekly Internet Packages 4G

With a subscription to Telenor Internet Packages Weekly, enjoy flawless searching, brooking, and boosting your online experience and stay in touch with loved ones smoothly.

To enjoy Telenor weekly net pkg dial=*345*88# to activate the “Telenor Weekly Internet package, All in One offer”. This offer will be activated for Rs. 190/- PKR. Read the full details about this title “Telenor Weekly Net Package Code” with complete info on the name of the package, cost/worth, and how to activate it with specifications/details.

Telenor 4G Packages Weekly
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
4G Unlimited BundleRs. 101.58/-Dial= *345*144#Intenet= 2500 MBs
4G Weekly (Super Offer)Rs 120/-Dial= *288# Internet 2 GB + 500 MBs ( WhatApp / Goonj / Game Box )
Telenor Weekly Offer All In OneRs.120/-Dial= *345*75#Intenet= 1,500 MBs
4G Weekly (Ultra World Cup Offer)Rs. 170/-Dial= *336# Internet= 12GB+1GB Goonj
All In One OfferRs.190/- Dial= *345*88#Internet 3500 MBs for a week,
Telenor minutes=150
Rs. 50 for all network calls & SMS


Telenor 4G Packages 3 Days

The company announced some Telenor internet packages 4G network for 3 days validation. To clients who don’t need to have weekly or monthly Telenor packages, they can activate the 3 Day Telenor internet package.

Telenor 4G 3 Days Packages
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
4G (3 Day Bundle)Rs. 49/-Dial= *32#Internet= 200 MB + Free 200 MB for Facebook
Telenor 4G
Monthly Packages for
Prepaid Customers
Telenor All In One OfferRs. 54.89/-Dial= *345*45#Internet= 500 MBs


Telenor Monthly Internet Packages 4G

Let us unlock the features of the Telenor Monthly Internet Package 50 GB for every user of Telenor. Stay connected effortlessly with Telenor Monthly Net Pkg. In 2024, Telenor continues to lead the way with its monthly internet packages. To subscribe, simply use the Telenor Internet Packages 2024 monthly code.

Experience lightning-fast connectivity, perfect for searching, Let us check the details of Telenor internet packages monthly 2024 are designed in the below table.

Dial= *911# to active “Monthly Facebook & Whats app Offer” in Rs. 38.47/- for just load Rs. 50/- Below the list of Telenor 4g monthly packages 2024.

Telenor 4G Monthly Packages
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
Face book & Whats app OfferRs. 38.47/- (Load Rs. 50)Dial= *911#Internet= Facebook,, WhatsApp= 3000 MBs
Internet: 100 MBs
Telenor 4G (Monthly Lite)Rs. 200/-Dial= *301#Internet= 2000 MBs
and 1000 MBs for WhatsApp / Goonj / GameBox
4G Monthly (Starter Bundle)Rs. 300/-Dial= *302#Internet=4000 MBs + 4000 MBs ( 1 AM – 7 AM )
Telenor Monthly All In One offerRs. 418.25/-Dial= *345*246#Internet= 5,000 MBs
4G Monthly OfferRs. 597.50/-Dial= *303#Internet= 9,000 MBs


Postpaid Telenor Internet Packages 3G/4G

You can get Freedom Internet packages 1000 and 2000 for just Rs. 1200/- or 2000/-. To activate Telenor Freedom Internet 2000 Pkg Dial= *345#. You will be given 25 GBS Telenor network data. Check this table for the details of the Telenor Net Package Code with specifications.

Telenor Postpaid 4G Internet packages
Package NameCost in PKR incl TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
Freedom (Internet 1200 Offer)Rs. 1200/-Dial= *345#Internet= 12GBs
Telenor Freedom (Internet 2000 Offer)Rs. 2000/-Dial= *345#Internet= 25 GBs


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